How to catch Leppy The Leprechaun

Who is Leppy?

March is here again, and you know what that means right? Our friend Leppy is coming to visit, and this year we are determined to catch him! So, who is Leppy, and what does he do? Is he real? Why are we trying to catch him? Have we caught him before? Let me tell you all about it.

Leppy is a an imaginary Leprechaun who visits our school on St. Patrick’s Day, and makes a huge mess! He switches our furniture, turns things green, and even plays with our toys…and NEVER puts them away! In 2020 we were unable to trap Leppy due to the Corona Virus. However, we got him on tape in our classroom! He played with our toys, turned things green, and then he realized there was no one there to clean up his mess. So, Leppy cleaned up, and mailed all of the kids a letter and treats.

This year we are prepared!

This year, March 2021, we are more prepared than ever! We have built a trap that we KNOW will catch Leppy! Here is what we used:

  • Box, I got mine from Costco
  • Imitation gold, I used huge gold pompoms from Amazon
  • Pot for the gold, Dollar tree sells these by the pack!
  • Rainbow string
  • Keychain
  • Bucket for Leppy to fall inside of
  • Decorations
  • Green netting

We started this process the week before St. Patrick’s Day. The art center was the first step. They used green paper mache, and colored some rainbows to glue on the box. The next day, we had the writing center make signs; “Gold in here”, “Free Gold”, “Come inside” etc. The last day, the science center built the trap. We attached a key ring to the top of the box, and then looped a string through our “pot of gold” and hung it from the inside. Below the pot of gold, we placed a bucket that says “green” to entice Leppy even more. We then placed rainbow string inside of the box so that he will think the pot of gold is real. Our final step was to seal the opening so he couldn’t get out! We used green tape to attach a green netting all around the opening, in hopes that Leppy will think it is a forest. So, how does the trap work? Leppy will see the rainbow string at the opening of the trap, and follow it inside. He will then see the pot of gold and jump on top to retrieve it! Once he does, the string that’s holding it will break, Leppy will fall inside of the bucket below, and the pot of gold will fall on top trapping him inside of the bucket!

Why catch him?

I am so glad you asked! The rumor is, if you catch Leppy then he will give you his gold! Now, we have yet to catch him so I can’t verify this, but I can say that Leppy ALWAYS leaves us a treat for solving his clues and cleaning his mess, and this year is going to be a special one! I found lucky charms marshmallows on Amazon and filled up plastic baggies. I then placed them in a green organza mesh bag with a green coin, (also from Amazon) with a note that says the following:

“You’re pretty good at finding my clues, so here is a treat to say thank you! The color of my coin may be green and bold, but keep a close eye, you never know when it will turn gold!

Leppy clues

Look what Leppy did!

St. Patricks Day activities

Printable activity centers

Solve the case-St. Patrick’s Day edition (where is Leppy’s gold?)

Learn It All workbook- St. Patrick’s Day edition (letters, numbers, shapes, colors and more!)

Learning library instant access


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