Spring/Easter pre-k & kindergarten STEM activity


Easter egg STEM and fine motor activity

Have you been searching for a budget friendly Spring/Easter activity to keep your kiddos engaged for hours? Okay, maybe not for hours…but long enough for you to enjoy your iced coffee (or hot coffee, no judgment here 😉 ).

Look no further, because I have just the activity for you! First, you will need to gather some things:

I got my easter eggs from the dollar store, but they sell out quick! These eggs from Walmart are similar in color.
Dollar tree also has some cute Easter baskets, however I had my mind set on an all white one. I found these at Target in the dollar section! They can be reused for so many other activities since they are a plain design.

To be completely honest, all you NEED are the Easter eggs and the kids can put them back together as you break them apart…but this activity is SO much more fun this way!

So, what do you do, and what do you learn? The steps are simple and the learning is extensive!

Your kiddos will learn to: Identify and sort colors, while enhancing fine motor, visual and problem solving skills! In the process, they are also developing patience, focus and persistence to complete the task.


  • Look at the colors on the card
  • Find the top of the egg with the corresponding color
  • Find the bottom of the egg with the corresponding color
  • Connect the egg to imitate the card
  • Place the egg on top of the card and continue
  • Alternatively, you can have your kiddos create an egg, and then search for the matching one on the card!

Super simple right? I used this activity in the science center and they loved it! I will be displaying it all week for our end of day activities as well. I spent a total of $10 on this activity. $4 on eggs $6 on baskets….Okay and another $4 on iced coffee >.< .

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