Bumble bee themed activities for early childhood education

Are you looking for spring themed activities, bug themed activities, or even just activities for the letter “Bb”? Search no more! Here are some of my favorites I’ve done for Bee themed activities.

Here are a few of my favorite.

Sensory bin

Materials used:

  • Rice, I used old rainbow rice as a last minute filler. Add rice to a bag with some paint and shake it up. Let it dry completely before using.
  • Artificial sunflowers, from the dollar store
  • Sifters , from the dollar store
  • Logs, from our classroom
  • Hexagons, from our tangram set
  • Mini bee erasers, from amazon
  • Yellow pompoms, from amazon

Dramatic play

Materials used:

  • Black file folders
  • Honeycomb printouts
  • Wood-like wallpaper
  • Large rubber cleaning gloves
  • Hats
  • Tulle
  • Shredded paper filler
  • Jars/vials
  • Yellow tissue paper

This activity does require a bit of assembly and prep, but is SO worth it! I have had this set for about 2 years now and it stores perfectly in our activity shed.

For the brood boxes (beehive’s living quarters) you will first need an empty box. It needs to be the length of your file folders, so that they will hook on from the inside. Use the wood-like wallpaper to cover the outside of the box. For the hive frames. Apply enough wallpaper onto the file folder, but leave a black frame on the outside. Next, laminate your honeycomb printout and hot glue it on top. For the last step, add some shredded paper filler in between your file folders.

For the honey jars and pollen tubes, simply fill the jars with yellow tissue paper, and the vials with yellow pompoms.

For the beekeepers hats, Hot glue your desired amount of tulle to the edges of the hats.

Display your gloves and other dress up items and let the fun begin!

Shapes (Science table)

You can find this printable activity here.


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