15 community helpers activities you need to try in your classroom!

Check out these SUPER fun SUPER cute activities we did this week! Yay for community helpers! 🙂

Sensory Bin

I try to keep all of my activities the same theme each day. This week we started of with doctors.


  • Gauze
  • Dolls
  • Band-aids -I used the lowercase set from my X-ray and bandage alphabet, you can find it here
  • Tweezers
  • Magnifying glass
  • Fake bones

Add all of your materials to your sensory bin, and have your kiddos bandage and treat the dolls.


Not my favorite one I’ve created haha. This was a last minute set-up, so I scrambled around the class to put this together. Next year I will be more prepared 😛

  • Black colored rice (streets)
  • Red colored pasta wheels (sirens)-adding some blue and white ones would look great!
  • Cars
  • People
  • Police dolls
  • Red magnifying glass

You can also add in plastic police badges, stars, ticket printables etc. The kids scooped the rice and filled the cars.

Construction Workers

This was my absolute favorite!! Hence all of the photos ❤ First I colored the pasta by adding a box to a large ziploc with some paint and mixing thoroughly. I then spread them out on a foil lined tray in the sun to dry.

I used 4 different styles: Rigatoni, Rotelle, Rotini, & Orecchiette.

  • Colored pasta
  • Construction signs
  • Construction vehicles
  • Shovels

Have kids scoop, pour, and mix the pasta with the trucks and their hands.

Postal workers

  • Red, white, and blue tinsel
  • Envelopes
  • Printable stamps, letters & mail boxes
  • Jars (I taped the mail boxes to the jars so they can stuff them)
  • Postal worker dolls
  • Postal vehicles

Have kids stuff envelopes and mailboxes with the materials.


  • Red colored pasta
  • Blue and yellow tissue paper
  • Firefighter dolls
  • Printable fire extinguisher
  • Printable fire alarm
  • Printable exit sign
  • Ambulance
  • Fire engine

Dramatic Play


  • Medical Toys
  • Babies
  • White coat
  • Printable patient forms

Have kids care for, and treat the babies with the medical toys. Don’t forget to fill out the patient forms!


  • Printable wanted posters
  • Printable walkie takie
  • Magnifying glasses
  • Dress-up

Have kids look for clues to find the people on the wanted posters.

Construction workers

  • Dress-up
  • Safety cones ( I found these at the dollar tree)
  • Toy tools
  • Tool bench
  • Wood blocks
  • Printable blue prints

Have kids build and fix things! 🙂

Postal workers

  • Printable mail boxes
  • Printable stamps
  • Dress-up
  • Envelopes
  • Paper/pencils
  • Packaging materials

Have kids write, send, and deliver mail!


  • Dress-up
  • Medical toys
  • Printable fire
  • Printable fire alarm
  • Printable fire extinguisher

Have kids “put out” the fire and then care for the victims (EMT).

Science/STEM area


  • Paper towel holders
  • Pool noodle (cut into six even pieces to support the glove)
  • Cleaning gloves
  • Pipe cleaners

Slide the pool noodle onto the paper towel holder, and then put the glove over the pool noodle for support. Have kiddos apply “stitches” to their “patient” by twisting the pipe cleaners on the hand and fingers. *Add foil to the inside of each finger of the glove for more support**


  • Printable wanted fingerprint page
  • Ink pad
  • Magnifying glass

A student of mine had caught this enormous and beautiful butterfly and wanted to bring it to school. So I decided to add it into our theme and have them be detectives to find out who captured the butterfly. (This butterfly was already dead when she found it and no butterflies were harmed in the process ❤ ) Have the kids use the ink pad to take their fingerprints and apply them to the correct fingers on the page. Once they have finished, have them draw a self portrait in the box provided.

Construction workers

Have kids build and complete the patterns with the blocks. Using a variety of sizes and textures is great for an added sensory element. Smaller connecting blocks are perfect for advanced fine motor.

Postal workers

Print out your pages. Cut and laminate your shapes and envelopes. Have kids read, identify, and match the shapes. Fill in/color the worksheet as you go.


  • Crayons
  • I spy printable

Have the kiddos use the color coding box to find and circle the items with the correct color.

You’ve got mail!

Check out those freebies! #freebiesforlife

Just a sec babe…
Yay for new friends!

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