A week of Nutrition lessons for preschool

Sensory Bin

Fruits & Veggies

I started the week with a fruit tree and vegetable garden sensory bin!

  • Green rice
  • Coffee beans
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Leaves
  • Logs

Add all of your materials to the sensory bin and harvest your fruits and veggies!


This was a fun one!!

  • Milk
  • Chocolate milk mix
  • Vials
  • Cows
  • Bones
  • Metal ramekins
  • Ladles

Add chocolate mix to vials so kids can open and pour it in when they are ready. Add all other materials to the sensory bin and scoop, pour, and play!

Whole grains

  • Flour
  • Toy breads
  • Toy pots/pans/utensils

Add everything to the sensory bin and play!


  • Red colored pasta
  • Fire printouts
  • Wire racks
  • Toy protein
  • Baskets

Add your “fire” filler and place the racks on top to replicate a grill. Add all other materials and play!

Sweets, Treats, & Sometimes foods

  • Pink & yellow sparkle beads
  • Toy cupcakes
  • Ice cream bowls/spoons
  • Ice cream scoops
  • Large Pom Poms (colors of ice cream)

Add materials to the sensory bin and play!


I spy Nutrition

Pretty self explanatory here 🙂 I try to make an I spy worksheet for each theme. The kids LOVE it! ❤

Rainbow toast

Don’t forget to eat the rainbow!

  • White bread toasted
  • Milk
  • Food coloring
  • Pipettes
  • Jars

Toast your bread and add food coloring to jars of milk to create the rainbow. Have kids use pipettes to transfer the colors onto their toast and then eat it! Yum!!


Super fun, and a very silly ending.

  • Large ziploc (I drew the stomach, small & large intestines on them, and add a little green food colored water to symbolize the acid in our stomach)
  • Bread
  • Ramekin with water and orange food coloring (Orange juice)
  • Pipette with blue food coloring (Saliva)
  • Scissors (teeth)
  • Tray/dish (mouth)
  1. Digestion starts with saliva as soon as we see our food, squirt your saliva in your mouth.
  2. Time to eat your bread, add your bread to your mouth and use your “teeth” to chew really well.
  3. Our mouth is feeling a bit dry, let’s have a drink of “Orange juice” dump your orange juice in your mouth.
  4. Continue chewing.
  5. Time to swallow your food! Dump the tray/dish into your bag and seal TIGHT! (NO AIR)
  6. The food is in your stomach and the acid is going to help break it down more. The food tumbles around the stomach to continue being broken down. Use your hands to break down the food even more. (Squish the bag)
  7. Now it travels through the small intestines.
  8. Finally it passes through the large intestines, and anything left behind turns into potty!
  9. Cut a small piece of the bottom corner and have them squeeze out the potty! (WARNING, this gets really silly!!)

For a guided and kid friendly visual version, with multiple choice at the end, check out this really cool boom deck! Digestion process

Find the food!

This is a super easy last minute game I put together!

  • Colored straws
  • White board/paper

I wrote different food groups on a board, and color coded them to straws. Each kid closes their eyes and pulls a straw. Which ever food group they pull is what they have to search for in the toy kitchen. You can also have it timed for more of a challenge.

Sugar on the teeth

  • White shelled eggs
  • Variety of sodas/juices
  • Jars

This lesson needs to be prepped ahead of time. On Monday, I add an egg to each jar with a different soda in each one. I then placed them out of the way and let them sit until Friday. The soda eats at the enamel, when you rub the egg you will sit it coming off of the shell. Also your “teeth” turn brown 😛

Dramatic Play

Farmers Market

  • Toy fruits/veggies/bread
  • Printable Menu
  • Cash register
  • Wire racks
  • Toy booth

Assemble your farmers market and have kids purchase and sell fresh produce and goods!

Hydration station

  • Toy lemons
  • Drink dispenser w/Yellow paper inside
  • Cash register
  • Cups
  • Visors/aprons
  • Printable menu

Have kiddos “make”, serve, and sell lemonade to stay hydrated!

Juice and Smoothie shop

  • Toy fridge
  • Toy booth
  • Printable menu
  • Cash register
  • Dress up
  • Drink dispenser (“blender”)
  • Toy fruits/veggies
  • Sensory bottles (“juice/smoothie”)

Assemble your shop and open up for the customers!

Donut Shop

  • Toy donuts
  • Toy coffee maker
  • Cups
  • Booth
  • Cash register
  • Dress up

Assemble your shop and enjoy your treats!

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