Preschool and Kindergarten activities about emotions


For this science activity I used the good ole baking soda and vinegar trick! I drew a mad face on all of the containers, and then filled with some baking soda. Add a few drops of red food coloring and cover it just enough to hide the drops. Place the jars inside of a dish/tray and fill it will vinegar. Have the kids use the pipettes to drop the vinegar into the jar as they say the things that make them angry. Your jar will begin to bubble and eventually turn red!

Another great science lesson is to create stress balls with these 3 ingredients. Balloons, glue, and liquid starch. Using a funnel, add some liquid starch to a balloon until it takes form. Next add some glue, it should immediately form slime inside of the balloon. Tie it up and squeeze! It took quite a few trial and error runs to figure out a good ration for the balloons. Start slow and add more as needed!

For art, we used these printables I created through powerpoint, and glued them to a corresponding color of emotion. Cut, glue, and color!

All emotions

This emotions puppet show theater dramatic play set up was just adorable! I had some Queen robes from a previous activity that I tied up to create the curtains. Add props like: seating, popcorn, drinks, tickets etc. Have the kids put on a puppet show using the emotion puppets!

This sensory bin covers all of the emotions! I used my most colorful and bright filler and added some emoji erasers, and emotion eggs as well as scooping tools.

You can’t go wrong with an I spy worksheet! I create these using my own clipart on powerpoint. Easy peasy! Each emotion has 3 images to search for and circle using the correct color.

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