The cutest activities for Preschool camping theme


We’re going on a bear hunt!

There are six cards total for six players, You may print more if you would like more players.

We’re going on a bear hunt! Musical cards style. This is a game I made up in my classroom (or maybe it already exists and I just think I’m a genius ) It is so much fun, and every time I have a memory game out, the kids beg to play! This version will fit so well with a camping week/storybook theme.

⭐️Print double sided on thick paper

⭐️Lay your cards image side down (they should all be, going on a bear hunt side up)

⭐️Hands up, listening ears on!

⭐️Play the song, and then randomly stop

⭐️When the music stops, the players put their hand on a card

⭐️On the count of 3, flip them over

⭐️If you get the bear you’re out

⭐️Remove a card and continue until there is only one person left 🙂

⭐️Print as many copies as you need players

Print 2 copies and play memory!

Finish the other half

  • Free worksheets (learning library)
  • Crayons

Download your free worksheets from the learning library! To access the learning library submit your email below and gain instant access to all freebies!

Learning library instant access


Snail trail scissor skills

  • Free worksheets (learning library)
  • Scissors

Have kids cut along the snail trail to reach the snail! Download this freebie from the learning library. Click any mail icon on this page to submit your email for instant access ❤

S’mores shapes

Have kids create s’mores using shapes! Make the same shaped s’mores, or create a mixed model for them to replicate. Place the s’more on the “fire” when you’re done.

River fishing

  • River fishing printable 👉🏻 here
  • Popsicle stick
  • Twine
  • Magnet dots

Assemble your activity, full description in the download. Have kids use their fishing pole to catch the fish, and then release them into the correct bucket. Different colors are available, there is only one shown in the images below.

Sensory Bin

We’re going on a bear hunt!

  • Neutral filler
  • Bears
  • “Mushroom”-I used gold pompoms
  • “River”- I used blue yarn
  • “Bridge”- I used a white fence from a previous activity
  • “Tall grass”- I used fake leaves
  • “Cave”- I used two baskets

Add materials to the sensory bin and play!

Campfire S’mores

  • Hot chocolate mix
  • Logs
  • Rocks/stones
  • Baskets
  • Red, blue, yellow, tissue paper
  • Dolls
  • Logs
  • Felt squares (brown and beige)
  • Cotton balls
  • Skewers

I used the chocolate mix as a filler to replicate dirt, but also it smelled yummy and went with the theme 🙂 Assemble your campfire and have kids “make” s’mores.

River fishing

  • Dirt-like grassy filler (colored beans and rice)
  • Stones
  • Blue rice
  • Fish
  • Woodland animals
  • Leaves/twigs
  • Etc.

Dramatic Play

We’re going on a bear hunt

  • Bear mask
  • Binoculars
  • Items from the book/song

Set up your area according to the book/song and have kids go on a bear hunt!

Campfire S’mores

  • Tent
  • Campfire set from amazon
  • Picnic blanket
  • Picnic basket
  • Coffee machine
  • Etc.

Set up your area and make some S’mores!

River/woodland animals

  • Laminated blue paper (replicates the river)
  • Woodland critter masks
  • Plants from the class
  • Tent
  • Laminated fish print outs

Set up your campground by the river and have kids fish as the animals.

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