12 Preschool Activities that begin with the letter C

Sensory bin

I just love creating new activities each week that the kids can enjoy! This week is letter C and was so much fun! My favorite is definitely the cloud science. The preschool I teach is a play based preschool, and we have 5 teacher lead activity/centers throughout the day; Science, sensory bin, dramatic play, art, numbers/letters table.

This week I changed the outdoor sensory to C for cat! I have a Zoo-phonics themed line in my TpT shop for the alphabet. Here is my modernized version of what I call Catina Cat 😂.


The theme here was cold. I threw this together last minute. We had plenty of stuff around the room to add to the bin.

  • Cold weather clothes
  • Blue rice
  • Blue cotton balls
  • Snowflakes
  • Etc.


This pasta filler is one of my FAVORITES I’ve created, however I only get to use it about twice a year 😂. I grabbed a variety of pastas that I thought resembled construction tools, and then colored them orange, brown, black, gray, and yellow. I just love seeing AND hearing these in the class.

  • Construction filler
  • Sand
  • Stones
  • Construction toys
  • Etc.


Sometimes, I scratch an original thought I had because I don’t like it any more and come up with something on the spot. This was one of those days. Not best work, but the kids seem to love these the most 😂

  • Cupcake tins
  • Colored rice
  • Large pompoms
  • Utensils
  • Etc.


Our science area focuses on critical thinking, problem solving, and fine motor as well as many other things. It’s sort of an array of things if you will 😂


This was my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! So much fun!

  • Shaving cream
  • Blue table cloth
  • Free label/chart

I used the tallest can of shaving cream from the dollar tree with the blue lid. Make sure it is NOT the gel kind! Download and print your FREE labels and cloud chart from the learning library. Tape your labels around your shaving cream can, place your blue table cloth on the table for easy clean up, and display your cloud chart. Discuss the types of clouds and have kids create them on the table!

Learning library instant access


Chicken Life Cycle

I might be a TAD obsessed with life cycle pasta sorting 😂. I just love this activity so much! Have kids sort the pasta life cycle using these super cute sorting cards/charts here.

⭐️Full assembly and directions are in the download.

Construction Scavenger Hunt

Okay… I know I’ve said this about the past few activities…but I also LOVE this new scavenger hunt line I have created! There are pages from A-Z for printable scavenger hunts!

Fill a dish/tray with filler of your choice. Hide the polaroids inside and have kids find them, match them and mark them off! You can also hide the polaroids around the class/outdoors and have them mark off the images they find.

Check out the digital version here TpT or here Boomlearning

Connect The Color

Okay, you guess it…this is also a favorite 😂. What can I say? I picked all of my favorites this week! These worksheets are from the series Back to Basics, and it’s All about colors. There are 100 pages total, and work great for a busy binder, review/prep, and assessment. Have kids identify which color they need to connect and use the correct color to connect the dots. There are 3 lines on each page: 3 dots. 4 dots, and 5 dots.

Car Colors

So I know this doesn’t technically qualify as science, but as I mentioned we do an array of activities at this station. This activity is currently not in my TpT store, but I am working at putting together an a-z file! What do you think? Vote below!

Dramatic Play

Who doesn’t love imaginative play? I love setting up these areas, they are so much fun! Watching the kids play in them, EVEN more fun 😍

Cold Weather



Learning library instant access


Need a great book for your letter of the week circle time? Check out my children’s alphabet picture book series on Amazon ABC Discovery

Here’s a sneak peek below

You’ve got mail!

Check out those freebies! #freebiesforlife

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Yay for new friends!

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