Ideas for preschool activities that start with the letter H

Sensory Bin

Are you needing some ideas for your preschool curriculum? Do you teach letter of the week theme? Congratulations! You’re in the right spot 🎉. Take a look at what activities I put together for a play based preschool, that begin with the letter H.

Horse sensory bin

This set of horse alphabet flash cards is from my TpT shop, and is my spin on Zoo-Phonics characters.

Place your cards in a sensory bin, and have your kids search for, identify and match the letters. This activity covers the Kindergarten common core standard CCSSRF.K.1d.

Check out the download here

Color sorting houses

This set of color sorting houses can be found on amazon. Have the kids sort the colors correctly, you can even add other loose parts with similar colors to extend the activity.

Hamburgers and hotdogs

Who doesn’t love a good hamburger or hotdog? Super easy set up! I added my green colored rice as the filler, and some play food to the bin.

Hair style magnets

This one is SO fun, and I always do it every year! Cut some pipe cleaners into different sizes, and tape a face (with no hair) to a magnet wand. Have kids collect the magnets at the top of the head to create hairstyles!



I had these printouts from last year for loved ones/family theme, so I decided to have the kids use Lincoln Logs to build houses on top!

Honeycombs/hives STEAM

I ABSOLUTELY ADORE these pages! This activity is so much fun and produces so many different results from each child. Loose parts are perfect for encouraging open-ended learning. These types of lessons enhance problem solving skills.

For this set of pages I used:

  • Yellow pompoms, different sizes and textures
  • Honeycomb pieces
  • Mini bee erasers
  • Flower buttons

Display the pages and the loose parts and have kids build and decorate the page!

This is part of the A-Z set in my shop, which has a total of 156 pages included! Check it out here.


Trust me…your kids will love this 😂. You can use a plethora of things to smash with a hammer, today I chose play dough. What’s great about this activity is I had kids of all ages (2-5), and of all energy levels, that were super engaged. I had balls of play dough rolled out for them to smash at the start, I then encouraged them to roll the balls themself with different sizes.

Hair cuts

I always see this activity floating around pinterest, and have always thought it was so cute. I started making pages that had faces with different lines for the hair that they would cut, but then I thought it might be fun to use textured scissors to see what they would create on their own! It worked out perfect!

I used to find these images 👍🏻

Hot air balloon

Of course I had to save the best for last. Hot air balloons! SO much fun and so easy to prep.

I used mini plastic water bottles, but regular will do just fine. You will just have to use more vinegar.

⭐️Add vinegar to the bottles, I used different amounts in each bottle so we can compare results.

⭐️Add baking soda to a balloon, again I used different amounts. The best results were with the full balloon pouch/bulb filled.

⭐️Secure the balloon onto the bottle without tipping the baking soda in just yet

⭐️Hold the base of the balloon to secure it, ensuring there are no holes or gaps.

⭐️When you are ready, have kids tip the balloon upright, dumping the baking soda into the bottle and watch the balloon expand!

⭐️We analyzed which bottles had the most vinegar, made predictions of which would be the largest balloon, and then voted if the balloons would actually float or not.

Dramatic Play


Hair Salon

Home and Garden Store

Learning library instant access


Need a great book for your letter of the week circle time? Check out my children’s alphabet picture book series on Amazon ABC Discovery

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