Spiral bound, reusable, reduced plastic, wipe clean, activity book for ages 3-5

Handmade and heartfelt, these spiral bound, wipe clean activity books are going to be a great addition to your home and classroom!

What are they?

Simply put, the CUTEST activity books you will ever find! Each book is filled with the 4 main learning basics: Letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. Each book will have a different lesson of each, so there is a variety in your collection. The rest of the book will have a variation of: CVC words, rhyming words, line tracing, symmetry, image matching etc. There are tons of themes to choose from, and more to come! They make a great gift for kids or for teachers, and can be really handy when traveling or homeschooling.

How are they made?

  • The book pages are printed double sided on 28lb paper, to minimize images from appearing on the other side.
  • The front and back covers are printed on 110lb card stock, and then laminated with a 5mil pouch.
  • Securing the activity book is an 11mm clear plastic coil

Reduce the use of plastic

⭐️Reduce the use of plastic! Most wipe clean books that are offered are using double sided glossy paper (expensive), or laminating each page individually (tons of plastic). My spiral bound books only contain 2 laminated pages, for the front and back card stock cover. They are printed on a 28lb paper, a bit thicker than typical printer paper, and include a slip on plastic sleeve. This sleeve can be moved from page to page, and is compatible with dry erase markers, making it a reduced plastic wipe clean activity book. Save the earth and your money!

How do they work?

These super cute themed activity books for kids can be used in a variety of ways!

  • Place the plastic sleeve over a page, and use dry erase markers
  • Incorporate manipulatives such as: beads, pompoms, pipe cleaners, play dough. letter tiles etc.
  • Write directly on the book if you’re only planning a one time use (it will not be erasable)
  • Use as an addition to a sensory bin. Place letters, numbers, colors in a sensory bin and have kids match them to a page.

What’s included?

Learn it all series: 98 pages (variety of subjects), plastic sleeve, 1 black dry erase marker. *Materials used from the video can be found at the Dollar Tree*

Back to basics series: 97 pages, plastic sleeve, 1 black dry erase marker. *Materials used from the video can be found at the Dollar Tree*

Solve the Case series: 80 pages, 10 case files, 5 clues each, laminated top secret bookmark, 10 polaroids, 1 envelope to store polaroids

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