Letter of the week, things that start with the letter M activity ideas for toddlers, preschoolers, & Kindergarteners

Sensory Bin

First things first, let’s address the elephant in the room…..Yes! The image theme has changed! I can’t seem to make up my mind on what I like haha. What do you think? Do you like the new theme for the photos with no color background, or do you prefer the photos with the colored back ground?

Now on with the show! Here is our outdoor sensory this week! I used gray rice as the base, and added my set of mouse and cheese alphabet cards. You can find them here.


Super easy set up for this one. I used orange rice as the base (cheese). I then added dried, plain macaroni noodles and some cooking tools. The kids pretended to make mac ‘n cheese. Yummy!

Magic forest with mushrooms

This one was SO beautiful. I just adore these little lights from Amazon! I used green rice as the base, and added some moss. Tossed in some wooden gnomes, trees and mushrooms as well as logs. Gave the kids burlap bags to fill, and then turned on the lights!


Mermaid Open ended play

These pages can be used for many themes, and for many occasions!

  • rainy day
  • birthday party
  • group or independent activity
  • summer indoor play
  • and more!

To a basket I typically pick at least 5 different loose parts with a variety of shape, size, and texture. For this particular page, I used: buttons, sea plants, jewels/treasure, pompoms, shapes, & magnet discs.

The purpose of this activity is to encourage independent play, without structure or guidance from a teacher. They will discuss amongst the group what they are doing and make decisions of their own without the fear of judgement or messing up. This gives the kids an avenue to express themselves freely and openly.

You can find this set here.

Try letter K for kingdom for free in the Learning Library!

Learning library instant access



We LOVE magnets! I didn’t give much guidance here. Just simply displayed all of the magnets and played alongside them.

For the jars of water, you can use the magic wand from the outside of the jar to lift the pieces up and out!

Place a magnet wand under the table to move pieces around and create “magic”.

Movie Theater Scavenger Hunt

How cute is this activity?! I added a variety of yellow pompoms to a bowl to replicate popcorn (although, you can use real popcorn if you would like). Next, I mixed in the polaroids; 6 sets so each child has their own. The kids took turns digging through the “popcorn” to find and match the correct image on their page.

Try it yourself! Click here

Magic Milk

If you have never tried this science experiment, grab your milk from the fridge now! It is so fun, and calming!

  1. To a tray add a small amount of milk
  2. Next drop some non-gel food coloring around the milk (not too many, be sure not to crowd them)
  3. Dip a Q-tip or your finger tip in some dish soap, and lightly touch the drops of color
  4. Watch as the milk disperses and swirls on its own!

Mail shapes

This resource is from when I first started creating worksheets & activities. I thought it was the cutest thing. I currently do not have the same feeling about it 😂. It is being revamped and will be in my TpT shop soon! Click the star to be updated when it is available ⭐️.

Teach kids to read and identify 2D shapes by matching the moving pieces to their page. Color in the correct shape as you review it.

Dramatic Play

Milking the cow

Movie Theater

Need a great book for your letter of the week circle time? Check out my children’s alphabet picture book series on Amazon ABC Discovery

Here’s a sneak peek below

You’ve got mail!

Check out those freebies! #freebiesforlife

Just a sec babe…
Yay for new friends!

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