What starts with the letter Q? Preschool activity ideas for letter of the week

Sensory Bin

Hello, and welcome to letter Q week! This was a challenging one no doubt. There are a few tricky letters in the alphabet and this is definitely one of them. I hope that this post can help you with some preschool activity ideas for your classroom. Let’s get started!


I thought FOR SURE the kids would be tired of this activity by now, but there are a few who have adapted it into their daily schedule. Gotta love the learners 😎.

Check it out here.

Quail Nest

Continuing on the quail train, I also did an additional quail set-up for the indoor sensory bin.

I used oats as the filler and added little baskets for the nests.

Quaker Oats

This was a last minute switch up and admittingly…a bit of a cheat πŸ˜‚. But the kids loved it and it looked beautiful.

STEM-Science, Technology, Engineering, Math


Have you ever encountered quicksand? I have not, but am curious to see what it’s all about!

Add equal parts cornstarch and water to a dish and bury bugs/toys in the mixture.

Have kids rescue the items from the “quicksand” and wash them in a bucket of water and soap.

For more of a challenge add more cornstarch, for less of a challenge add more water.


I was amazed at how well the kids were writing with these feathers.

I used Canva.com to find the texture/design of the paper I wanted.

Mix black paint with a little bit of water to thin it out.

Have kids dip a feather in the paint and write on the “scroll”.

Queen– Open ended play mats

Open ended play is a great way for your child to express freedom and creativity without the fear of judgement. They will enhance problem solving skills amongst many other developmental milestones.

In the basket I provided:

  • Pompoms
  • Cubes
  • Rings
  • Assortment of buttons
  • Jewels

This set comes from my A-Z Bundle in my TpT shop.


The kids just love these scavenger hunts! I try to make the search slightly different each time. Here, I have layered the polaroids in between pieces of fabric. The kids lifted the fabric , looked at the polaroid and matched it on the page.

You can find these in my TpT shop here.

Dramatic Play


Quails Nest

Need a great book for your letter of the week circle time? Check out my children’s alphabet picture book series on Amazon ABC Discovery

Here’s a sneak peek below

Learning library instant access


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