Preschool and Kindergarten activities about emotions

For this science activity I used the good ole baking soda and vinegar trick! I drew a mad face on all of the containers, and then filled with some baking soda. Add a few drops of red food coloring and cover it just enough to hide the drops. Place the jars inside of a dish/trayContinue reading “Preschool and Kindergarten activities about emotions”

A week of Nutrition lessons for preschool

Fruits & Veggies I started the week with a fruit tree and vegetable garden sensory bin! Green rice Coffee beans Fruit Vegetables Leaves Logs Add all of your materials to the sensory bin and harvest your fruits and veggies! Dairy This was a fun one!! Milk Chocolate milk mix Vials Cows Bones Metal ramekins LadlesContinue reading “A week of Nutrition lessons for preschool”

9 Kindness week preschool curriculum activities

Welcome kindness week! Do you plan your curriculum by theme? Take a look at what we did for kindness week. Sensory Bin I started the week with this cute and easy “gentle hands” sensory bin. Freeze a glove full of water and glitter or toys Carefully remove the glove once frozen Add them to aContinue reading “9 Kindness week preschool curriculum activities”