Spiral bound, reusable, reduced plastic, wipe clean, activity book for ages 3-5

Handmade and heartfelt, these spiral bound, wipe clean activity books are going to be a great addition to your home and classroom! What are they? Simply put, the CUTEST activity books you will ever find! Each book is filled with the 4 main learning basics: Letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. Each book will have aContinue reading “Spiral bound, reusable, reduced plastic, wipe clean, activity book for ages 3-5”

Letter of the week preschool activities for letter F

Sensory Bin Welcome letter F week! Here some ideas for you to incorporate into your classroom that begin with the letter F! As always we have our outdoor Zoo-Phonics themed alphabet flash cards. The kids LOVE playing imagination, making the rice “rain”, and finding the matching letters on the page I provide them. These areContinue reading “Letter of the week preschool activities for letter F”

Letter A activities for letter of the week theme, play based preschool

If you teach by letter of the week, these activities are perfect for your preschool or homeschool curriculum! Learn about the letter A through science/STEM, sensory bin, dramatic play and more!

Dinosaur themed activities for play based school

I spy…Dinosaurs! I spy worksheet Crayons This worksheet can be made for FREE on Canva! Create a free account and start searching for images πŸ™‚ Should I make an I spy worksheet bundle? Vote below. Find the Dino! Large bucket Water beads Mini Dinosaur Other mini objects Prepare your water beads by allowing them toContinue reading “Dinosaur themed activities for play based school”

Space themed preschool activities you need for your class

Aliens Alien shapes- worksheet and flash card set available πŸ‘‰πŸ» here Crayons/pencil/marker I printed my worksheets double sided to save paper. Use the flash cards to teach children the shape, Have them identify it on their worksheet, and then trace the shape and the word. Orbiting Printouts Magnet discs Magnet wand Discuss what it meansContinue reading “Space themed preschool activities you need for your class”

Preschool activities for around the world theme

This theme is always challenging for me, because I never want to misinform someone about the cultures of the world. All of my research came from google, and before using it I made sure it was listed by at least three different sources. If I have been mistaken about any of these activities and theirContinue reading “Preschool activities for around the world theme”

The cutest activities for Preschool camping theme

We’re going on a bear hunt! Musical cards set πŸ‘‰πŸ» available here There are six cards total for six players, You may print more if you would like more players. We’re going on a bear hunt! Musical cards style. This is a game I made up in my classroom (or maybe it already exists andContinue reading “The cutest activities for Preschool camping theme”

Farm theme curriculum for play based preschool

Chicken Life Cycle 4 shapes of pasta Chicken life cycle sorting mats & cards πŸ‘‰πŸ»here Baskets Chicken life cycle model Detailed assembly, directions, and other materials links are in the purchased download. I LOVE the way this turned out. I think I might be obsessed with pasta life cycles πŸ˜‚ This is the second oneContinue reading “Farm theme curriculum for play based preschool”

Preschool and Kindergarten activities about emotions

For this science activity I used the good ole baking soda and vinegar trick! I drew a mad face on all of the containers, and then filled with some baking soda. Add a few drops of red food coloring and cover it just enough to hide the drops. Place the jars inside of a dish/trayContinue reading “Preschool and Kindergarten activities about emotions”

9 minimal prep activities you need for your spring preschool-kindergarten centers

Math/numbers/numeracy Ladybug count and clip. This super cute activity is so easy to set up and use. Your kiddos will learn to: Count to 20, identify numbers 1-20, and enhance fine motor and visual skills. Print and laminate your cards Count the black dots on the ladybug and then attach a clothespin or circle theContinue reading “9 minimal prep activities you need for your spring preschool-kindergarten centers”